Monday, May 21, 2007

New Job

Starting new job today to do Java web development at a local Telecoms provider.

The Bad
  • Their web framework stack is a little stale i.e. ibatis/J2EE/struts/jsp/tiles
  • They are primarily using IBM tools Websphere Developer, Rational, WAS
  • They aren't open to using dynamic languages (Ruby) or the frameworks built on them (Rails)
The Good
  • They are interested in improving their web framework stack (as long as it's Java)
  • There is some interest in XP/Agile (don't scoff. This is pretty rare in Jamaica, in fact I don't think there is a single development shop in the entire country that is doing it)
  • They have the infrastructure to support telecommuting and they allow it! (Again very rare here)
Exciting times ahead, look for future posts related to the work I'm doing here.

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